Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress

Everyone has a secret weapon. Especially when it comes to revenge. Some use the revenge dress. Others create a revenge body. You can do that and more by writing the revenge story.

For Princess Diana, it was a jaw-dropping, off the shoulder form-fitting, black silk dress. An iconic look; the press dubbed it, “The Revenge Dress,” because she wore it to a public function the same evening her fairytale prince charming confessed his adultery to the world.

Like Diana, many women can find themselves in the midst of relationships gone wrong.

Maybe he cheated.

Emptied your bank account.

Abused you — emotionally or physically

How does one recover, heal and come out stronger after something like that?

How can something so humiliating turn out to be the best thing ever? For the very few high-minded, they can find something redeeming and even fruitful by forgiving the transgressor.

However, I am not one of them.

I prefer revenge.

Get even.

Give them what they gave me.

In spades. So they never forget.

And, luckily for many of us, there are many ways to exact our own personal revenge. Especially when it hits the core of betrayal and humiliation. No, it isn’t something life threatening or debilitating. It isn’t going to their boss or creating a scene in a fancy restaurant. Nor is it hurting yourself.

Instead of inflicting more pain on yourself, write about your experience. Something that fits like the revenge dress Diana wore. Silky smooth, dark, spectacular. A revenge story can help begin the process of healing and at the same time, create a new story.

With an eye geared toward revenge for wrongs done to her, a woman like Princess Diana, could lay claim to her voice through her outfit, physical body or even a gossipy piece of tell-all fluff. She could claim her power, establish boundaries. Give a no holds barred interview to the press. Call it out to the world! While that might feel good for the moment, what would the long term effects be?

Instead, healing begins with writing your story.

The Revenge Book, is your memoir, the story that goes deep into the psyche of betrayal. The slights, the wrongs, the hurts, the betrayals.

Humiliation. Abandonment. Shame.

Definitely not a sappy, gossipy tell-all.

It is the book that touches the heart and opens to the soul of feelings. The kind of book most women can identify with. Real feelings and emotions. Blurred lines inevitable and shared by all women. Mostly though, it has lasting power.

It gives your voice visibility. The slights, the wrongs, the hurts, the betrayals. The humiliations. All very real and felt deeply.

Your revenge story becomes the setting to clear the air and tell your truth about what happened. It also opens the door for personal healing.

It gives you boundaries. “I’ll accept this, but not that.”

After all, a dress is just a dress. They also come and go with each new season. Unless it’s a revenge dress. Then, it becomes something different. It tells a story, like a boo, and it’s memorable. But a book is something else.

A book not only tells a story, it imparts information, gives advice and shares the pivoting moments of experience that can make or break one’s life experiences. It can do the same for you.

Write your Revenge Book

Writing your revenge story offers all three scenarios plus more. It’s a written testament, a pivotal moment of an experience – including your feelings and emotions as they happened in real time As a memoir, it is driven by heartfelt experiences in narrative form.

Above all, it is a way toward healing the wounds.

Writing a memoir isn’t as difficult as one might think.

But first you must begin!

Put pen to paper. Then write.

What’s more, your memoir offers plenty of a-ha moments for the reader. She comes away with a nuanced look, a deeply felt persona of self and its determination — ‘if she can do that, so can I’ — It is the experience she will identify with, learn from and find healing.

No matter what her sense is, your reader will find something of interest and potential insights and understanding. Whether of betrayal or not, methods of revenge can sometimes become the way of healing power.

After all,

It’s not called The Revenge Book for nothing.

Write your Revenge Book




Tina develops website & direct response copy and full length book manuscripts. She is a memoir writing mentor to people who want to write a book.

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Tina develops website & direct response copy and full length book manuscripts. She is a memoir writing mentor to people who want to write a book.

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