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Why Write an Epiphany story?

Have you ever thought of writing a memoir? If you’re like most people, you have.


Because you have a great story to tell. Trouble is, you don’t know where to start. Or, how to tell the story that looms so large in your life now.

The shadow self you pushed deep down and out of sight will no longer stand being hidden. It wants to come forward, to share its truth. To let the world know its authentic self.

This time though, your shadow just won’t be quiet and go away.

Your story might be one that’s funny or sad, filled with exhilaration and growth oriented in ways only a memoir can offer. It might raise the roof of your consciousness and change you in ways you can’t imagine.

And yet… you don’t put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. Something comes up to stop you.

Breakfast dishes need washing.
Laundry has to be done.
Beds should be made.
Pencils must be sharpened.

You feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

Goals fall apart. Depression sinks in. Failure looms large. Potential expectations fall flat. Energy is low, mostly absent when you think about writing.

In fact, it gives you a massive headache.

But, you still have that nagging feeling of wanting to write your story.
You say you’ll do just about anything to satisfy the craving of completeness. You even make promises to the universe.

And yet, it just doesn’t seem to come about.

If you’re a woman who feels invisible or without a voice, then pay close attention.

By writing your story, you bring to the forefront:
- your unique background of what made you who you’ve become
- your desires and dreams and how they brought you to your life today
- the walls you hit and the ways in which you moved them
- your subsequent epiphany which completed the evolvement of who
you were meant to be.

Writing your story gives your target audience a compelling reason to know you and trust you. To follow your healing process and use it as a baseline for their own inner journey.

It also gives you a platform for deeper growth and commitment, espeically by sharing your special gifts.

This also applies to:

The person who had some hard life experiences and trauma, and feels the need to share them so others can benefit and heal just as they have.

The parent who wants to write the family history for the younger generations to come so they can create the next legacy of family stories.

The story of a family journey from a war torn homeland to a place of new beginnings; what it means to create a new home. From hardship to freedom is the immigrant’s story.

The business professional who wants to begin public speaking and move the dial on their message so they can build their business and achieve their goals.

Sharing your unique story brings up your inner fears of the consequences, of being fully truthful to your history.

Except, once the writing begins, something takes over and allows the story, in its fullness, to come forth. In fact, you might not be able to contain it. It has a life of its own.

And, you find your voice.

That something that had eluded you for the longest time has come full circle, and you discover the fullness of your authentic and true voice.

You can finally feel safe in unlocking and allowing the hard memories so you can write an honest, authentic memoir to leave a lasting legacy for the future.

The writing experience has done its job. It has allowed the changes and evolvement that comes from yuor bravery and courage as you open up to your authentic self.

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Tina is a memoir writing coach and develops website & direct response copy, including short and long form manuscripts. She can be reached at www.memoirmuse.com